Banking is a relationship business and nothing helps build stronger relationships than meeting face-to-face. We enjoy every chance to talk with you personally, learn about your needs and discover means by which we can help make you more successful. To that end, in addition to our regular in-bank visits, we participate in banking seminars, conferences, committee meetings and conventions throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you at many of these events.


Correspondent Day - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Correspondent Day events. We value the opportunity to meet with you, share industry insight, and introduce new and enhanced services. The time you took out of your workday to spend with us is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
 Your feedback is always welcome.

Links to the presentations and supporting product information can be found below.

Please contact the presenter or your Correspondent Banker to discuss any questions, as well as how Bankers’ Bank can benefit your financial institution and your customers.

2017 Correspondent Day Topics: * please log in to view these customer documents

BankCard Solutions - event slides *

BankCards Dept Offerings - info sheet *

BankCards Direct Merchant - info sheet *

Commercial Banking presentation - event slides *

Commercial Dept Offerings - info sheet *

Commercial Featured Loans - info sheet *

Leasing Dept Offerings - info sheet *

Leasing Featured Leases - info sheet *

Investment Portfolio Productivity Guide - event slides *

Investment Sales & Trading - info sheet *

Investment Cash Sweep - info sheet *

Mortgage Solutions - event slides *

Mortgage Dept Offerings - info sheet *

Payments & Cash Management - event slides *

Image Cash Letter / OWN.IT / East Transition - info sheet *

International Money Services - info sheet *



Industry Events - See you there!

07/19/17 - Community Bankers of Iowa Annual Convention - Okoboji, IA - July 19-21

07/24/17 - Iowa Bankers Assoc. Annual Chairman's Cup - Des Moines, IA

08/17/17 - Wis. Bankers Assoc. Member Appreciation Tournament - Wis Dells, WI

09/10/17 - Indiana Bankers Assoc. Annual Convention - French Lick, IN - Sept 10-12

09/12/17 - Wis. Bankers Assoc. Management Conference - Wis Dells, WI - Sept 12-13

09/17/17 - Iowa Bankers Assoc. Annual Convention - Des Moines, IA - Sept 17-19

10/20/17 - Bankers' Bank Operations Seminar - Madison, WI

10/25/17 - Bankers' Bank Operations Seminar - Storm Lake, IA

10/27/17 - Bankers' Bank Operations Seminar - Cedar Rapids, IA

10/30/17 - Bankers' Bank Operations Seminar - Wausau, WI

11/08/17 - Bankers' Bank Operations Seminar - Carmel, IN

11/09/17 - Bankers' Bank Operations Seminar - Peoria, IL